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4 Tips For Laptop Repair Issues
HP PAVILION DV6000 SERIES Laptop Battery
HP PAVILION DV6000 SERIES Laptop Battery
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DEWALT DE9074 Battery
DEWALT DE9074 Cordless Drill Battery
Ni-MH, 3000.00mAh, 12.00V
Fits Dewalt Battery PN: 152250-27, 397745-01, DC9071, DE9037, DE9071, DE9074, DE9075, DW9071, DW9072,
DEWALT DW926K Battery
DEWALT DW926K Cordless Drill Battery
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Fits Dewalt Cordless Drill Battery PN: DE9036, DE9061, DE9062, DW9061, DW9062,
DEWALT DW004 Battery
DEWALT DW004 Cordless Drill Battery
Ni-MH, 3000.00mAh, 24.00V
Fits Dewalt Drill Battery PN: DE0240, DE0240-XJ, DE0241, DE0243, DE0243-XJ, DW0240, DW0242

When they were first introduced, laptops were often underpowered, expensive, and heavy. As technology has improved, modern laptops and notebook computers offer performance on par with today's most powerful desktop computers and are lightweight, making them very portable. With portability and all the extra features, though, problems can occur that that can leave a laptop broken.

The most common hardware fault found in a laptop involves its power source. Many people are familiar with a scenario in which the computer fails to turn on after many attempts. At first, it may seem like the battery needs to be recharged, but even plugging the computer into an electrical outlet does not seem to help. Chances are that the laptop has a bad power adapter or a bad power jack. The power jack on a laptop is susceptible to damage because of the frequency of its use. With users carelessly plugging and unplugging the AC adapter, the jack can get damaged as the solder welds wear down, preventing the laptop from receiving external power. Once the batter runs out, the laptop will not function and cannot be recharged.

Another laptop repair issue that owners face is overheating. Overheating is caused by a faulty fan that stops working or by blocking the airflow into the computer. Laptops are cooled by small fans that turn on and off, bringing in cold air from the surrounding environment to cool off the electronics inside. If the fan malfunctions and stops bringing in air, the components in the laptop like the CPU and hard drive may overheat, causing the computer to shut down intermittently. Furthermore, laptop overheating can occur if airflow into the system is blocked. One common cause of this is resting the computer on a soft surface such as a pillow when in use. To prevent this, laptops should always rest on a flat, hard surface when turned on.

Laptop PCs are built for portability, but in the course of being taken many places, they can also suffer a lot of abuse. Bumps or falls are a major contributor to laptop failure. Impacts are notorious for causing hard drive malfunctions. Sudden jolts or impacts and disturb the delicate magnetic platters or reading head in a hard drive, rendering it unreadable. When this happens, the computer will still turn on, but may begin to make clicking noises and fail to boot to the operating system. A warning message will sometimes appear on the screen telling the owner that a hard drive failure has occurred. When this happens, the drive must be replaced.

Finally, some laptop faults are software related. Many users complain about their computers being slow or acting in strange ways. Sometimes these problems are more characteristic of a software problem rather than a hardware fault. Common causes of software issues include bad drivers, incompatible software, or viruses. It's important to keep drivers and the operating system up to date, while also performing routine virus scans and disk defragmentation.

Understanding the underlying causes of laptop faults can help to diagnose the problem and remedy the solution quickly.

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